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Consulting Services


Wellness consulting involves developing a customized, personal plan to assist you in lifestyle changes to enhance your well being and reach your goals. Health consults can help with a variety of issues, including stress management, following new nutritional, exercise, and weight-loss plans, and also managing chronic conditions.


Consulting Services

Corporate Wellness Consulting

15 Minute Phone Exploratory Session


A wellness consultation helps people to lead physically as well as mentally healthier lifestyles. Wellness consultations advise people on healthier lifestyle choices in various areas including exercise, nutrition and stress management.

Health Consults Are Just Like Talking to a Friend!


When your baby wouldn't sleep through the night, you began to ask friends and family what worked for them.  But I bet you didn't ask one person who had never raised children!

When you tried every way to lose weight and it wasn't coming off, you began to ask your friends how they lost weight.    However, you probably didn't ask your unhealthy friends did you?  You asked people that had had success in that area.

Before you bought your first house, you called a few good friends and asked them some questions. But, I imagine you didn't call renters.  You called the people that you knew that already owned a home.  Why?  Because they had experience you didn't have.  Because they knew more than you.

Our consulting services are similar.  We read CONSTANTLY.  We study CONSTANTLY.  We want to help YOU!  Let us help you discover why you have a certain ailment and how to fix it.  We want to help you lead a physically and mentally healthier life!


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