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Why are the Berkey® systems the benchmark in gravity fed water purification? It’s simple- they remove viruses, harmful pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, unhealthy contaminants and impurities to below detectable levels, while leaving in most of the essential minerals your body needs. The result is the most healthful, delicious water available. 

Berkey® systems can easily purify ordinary tap water, yet are powerful enough to efficiently purify raw, untreated water from sources such as remote lakes and streams. In the event of natural disasters and emergencies when treated water may not be available, your Berkey® system is essential.

(Recommended for 1 person.)

(Recommended for 1-4 people.)

(Recommended for 2-6 people.)

(Recommended for 4-8+ people.)

(Recommended for 6-12+ people.)

Adding filters to your Berkey will increase the flow time. (It won't take as long to filter the water.) Add filters to increase the speed your water filters.

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