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Questions You Can Ask your H.O.P.E. Wellness Advisor with your Membership:

~ Should I eat protein or carbs after my workout?

~ What are some things I can do to sleep better?

~ What vegan shake mix do you recommend?

~ Can you direct me to some articles for all natural help with recurring migraines?

~ How can I get my hair to grow faster?

~ How can I figure out what blood type I am?

~ What's the one food you would like your clients to stop eating?

~ What are the absolute healthiest foods you recommend eating daily?

~ Do you know of a healthy coffee creamer I could switch to?

~ What are some foods that can lower cholesterol?

~ I'm new to the whole nutrition thing. Where do I start?

~ Do I need to count calories?

~ How can I improve my stress management?

~ What are some good meditation techniques I can implement?

~ How much should I weigh?

~ How quickly should I lose weight?

~ I love this bad food/drink. What can I exchange it for?

~ Why do I experience this weird symptom?

~ What am I missing in my diet?

~ What sweetener is healthy if I want to reduce my sugar intake?

~ I want to try a vegan diet. How should I start?

~ My hair is brittle and dull. What can I do to make it shiny again?

~ What are the safest types of fish to eat?

~ Is it possible to lower blood pressure with diet?

~ Can you help me find a naturopath or functional medicine doctor in my area?

~ Are the supplements I'm taking a good quality?

~ I have a friend who constantly craves sugar even after she has eaten her regular meals. Is she lacking something in her diet?

~ I have been diagnosed with lupus. Are there any foods which aggravate this disease?

~ What can I eat/drink before working out to give me more energy?

~ I diet, but I can't lose weight. Why is that?

H.O.P.E. wants to be your trusted Wellness Advisor!

Who do you call when you want advice on the best places to eat in a new city?

Do you solicit advice on social media when you are shopping for a new internet provider?

How many times have you called a friend for advice on parenting?

H.O.P.E. wants to be your trusted Wellness Advisor!

Click BUY NOW to purchase your H.O.P.E. Membership!

With a

H.O.P.E. Membership,

you get:

Scan & Consult

One FREE Zyto Balance Scan & Hour Consult EACH MONTH

With a H.O.P.E. Membership, you'll get one FREE Zyto Balance Scan & Hour Consult EACH MONTH. That's right! EACH MONTH! You can scan remotely from the comfort of your own home and know if you're dehydrated, if your hormones are at the right levels, if you're fighting a virus and how much inflammation your body is experiencing.

Unlimited Questions

Unlimited Questions Each Month

Want to know an alternative to your toxic toothpaste? Need help picking out a protein shake? How about some advice on that sore throat or that nagging rash on your ankle? With your H.O.P.E. Membership, you can text or call in your questions and a H.O.P.E. Wellness consultants can help with guidance through health and lifestyle education. We'll save you money on visits to the doctor, waiting hours in the waiting room and the frustrating process of trying to get a call back from your primary care physician.  

Monthly Samples

New Samples Each Month

Want to know what products H.O.P.E. trusts and recommends? With a H.O.P.E. Membership, you'll receive samples each month with some of our favorite products!  

Tip of the Week

Each Week - a New Tip

Health is a journey. You take steps and a month later, you find yourself healthier than you were the previous month. A year later you find yourself healthier than the year before. With our weekly tips, you can take one step at a time to a healthier version of you!


Healthy Recipes for a Healthier YOU

As you walk along your health journey, you'll want to implement some of our recipes. We send you ideas you can use in the kitchen to feed your family the healthiest food. Each recipe can be modified to fit your specific blood type if you are currently participating in our H.O.P.E. Diet.

*While H.O.P.E. Ministries has made a concerted effort to provide you with the best possible information, the H.O.P.E. Wellness Advisor Membership service is not a substitue for a visit with your healthcare professions, and any reliance upon or use of this information by you is at your own independent discretion and risk. It is hereby expressly clarified that, the Information that you obtain or receive from H.O.P.E. Ministries, and its employees, contractors, partners, sponsors, advertisers, licensors, Health Advisors or otherwise on the Website is for informational purposes only. We make no guarantees, representations or warranties, whether expressed or implied, with respect to professional qualifications, quality of work, expertise or other information provided on the Website, during Consults or through your H.O.P.E. Membership. In no event shall we be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken by you in reliance on such information. The H.O.P.E. Membership is not intended to be a substitute for getting in touch with emergency healthcare. If you are a H.O.P.E. Member facing a medical emergency (either on your or a another person’s behalf), please call 911, contact an ambulance service or hospital directly.

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