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A Blood Type Inch 5

Blood Type A

Inch 5 - The Meatless Meal

You may love meat. But, if you have "A" blood, meat doesn't love you! " Low levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach and high intestinal disaccharide digestive enzyme levels permit the more efficient digestion of carbohydrates. According to Dr. D'Adamo, these are also the very factors, along with low levels of intestinal alkaline phosphatase, that make it difficult for Type As to digest and metabolize animal protein and fat."

Inch 5 involves beginning a life with less meat. This may prove difficult if you were raised to have a meat at every meal as your main dish.

Millimeters (Tips)

1. Start by choosing 2-3 meals that you like that don't contain meat and incorporate them into your weekly meal plan. Need some ideas? Look no further: A Blood Type Meal Suggestions.

2. Begin ordering meatless meals when you go to local restaurants. (gluten free pasta, salad, soup, veggie and fruit plates, etc...)

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