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Founders Page - Kristen

Kristen Ivy - Founder of H.O.P.E. Ministries

Hope began for me with a little boy named Craig.  

He was born in 2002 - a whopping 9lbs 2oz and as healthy as could be. However, within two years of his birth he began to experience some health challenges that were inexplicable. He had severe behavior problems as well as constant stomach issues. The behavior problems he was experiencing were extreme. As he ventured into grade school, he was in the principals office repeatedly, sent to ISS, and received daily notes in his folder regarding his behavior.

However, right before he turned eight, a doctor discovered that food was his culprit. He had food intolerances that were upsetting his stomach and were causing him to act out in severe ways. When we changed his diet, his behavior changed and his stomach troubles disappeared. He was a completely different child. I got my kid back.

And I had hope!

Hope is overflowing by nature. 

When you've been met with God's Hope and Comfort, you're eager to bind up the wounds of another person. You're eager to comfort them and give them hope because God's Hope and Comfort ARE OVERFLOWING! There is a significant impact on Kingdom Work when we’re constantly sick and unhappy. Our resources go to funding our healthcare (because we’re always sick) instead of to Kingdom Work. H.O.P.E. Ministries changes that.

"Behold! There is good news of which you ought bear witness! When you do, it will be your great joy!"

Joy is quite possibly the deepest, most common motivator of all people in all times. We go to great lengths for joy - for happiness. When you discover something really good, you can't help but respond. It's like it draws something out of you. That moment of discovery, that spontaneous split-second flutter of delight in something truly good - that's joy. And that's the "why" behind H.O.P.E. Ministries. I've found something really good and I want to share it with YOU! I want you to experience HOPE and I want the Kingdom to be furthered because of it!

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